Country towns will start to empty out with the rise of Australia’s super-cities

Sydney could stretch to the Central Coast, Melbourne could hit Geelong and Brisbane could merge with the Gold Coast as super-cities start to take over Australia.

Country towns could be mostly emptied out and the Aussie outback left almost abandoned as most of the nation’s population will flock to Australia’s major capitals — Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

According to The Australian, two in three people will live in our main cities in the future, as Australia’s population soars to almost 30 million.

If population growth keeps going as it is, the four main capital cities will grow more than two times faster than anywhere else in Australia.

For the four cities to house the population, more and more land will need to be unlocked to build more residential housing, meaning urban sprawl will become a massive problem.

It’s already starting to happen in Melbourne. On Wednesday, the Victorian Government announced it would unlock 17 new suburbs on the outer fringes of Melbourne, and build residential areas on the currently bare land. The government said it would help solve housing affordability problems but experts disagree.

Suburbia around the cities could just keep extending. Picture: John Appleyard Source: News Corp Australia.

REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee said Melbourne was most at risk of creeping further and further out and it could eventually extend as far as Seymour, which is about 100km north of Melbourne.

“Melbourne is well suited to urban sprawl,” Ms Conisbee wrote for University of Melbourne publication Pursuit.

“It’s flat, easy to build on and lacks geographic boundaries like waterways and cliffs that force other cities into higher densities. It’s possible to continue building low-density housing out as far as Geelong in the west, Seymour in the north and Warragul in the east.”

Urban sprawl happens because people want to live the Australian dream, in a house with a block of land all to itself.

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