10 Great Ideas for an Active Australia

Mr Martin Lambert, President of Parks and Leisure Australia will be at this year’s conference, presenting “10 great ideas for an active Australia”.

Martin Lambert

Parks and Leisure Australia is the industry peak body for parks, sport and recreation. We have a network of professionals and academics which help the organisation develop research objectives and advocacy positions. As ‘the people behind the places’, our members and our industry recognise the importance of investing in the future health of Australians by not only encouraging them to be active, but ensuring the urban environment is one which enables activity.

We believe this is an argument of economics, investment brings returns and nowhere is the need greater than investing to reduce future costs of health. If health budgets are only considered in the context of treating illness and injury then they will continue to grow unsustainably. New thinking is

needed and all urban policy, infrastructure spending and other investment should be considered in the context of the health dividend that is returned.

This presentation focuses on 10 great ideas to get Australians active and improve the social, economic and physical health of our communities.