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The 10th Making Cities Liveable Conference will be coming to Brisbane next month, held from 10-11th July at the Hotel Grand Chancellor.

Mr. Bruce Mills, Manager Place Services, City of Parramatta Council is one of our featured speakers, joining us to discuss how to “Start your civic innovation experiments faster and put community value first with ‘small data’.”

This presentation advocates for ‘Small Data’. Big Data is certainly interesting, but insights are not often immediately actionable and local government operates in a ‘just get on with it’ environment – that’s what our communities value.

Bruce Mills

For innovation to happen in the way we want our communities to play active roles, being able to fail is critical to success, but in local government, coming up short or failing to deliver is uncomfortable. In that environment, its ‘small data’ that becomes local government’s friend: it’s there already, it is all around, and it’s ready to be collected.

To make good local decisions local government has to really understand its communities and neighbourhoods and see through their eyes. Data driven decision-making in local government is a way of putting community value – customer value – first.

This presentation features four rapid-fire practical case studies using ‘small data’, with ‘how to do it’ take-aways and ‘mistakes to avoid’:

(1) Layering data visually so local government can see where it can deliver the most impact with the least

(2) Feeding Council’s existing service request data into an existing GIS system every 24 hours to create near-live visual maps of what’s happening in the LGA

(3) An affordable new type of web-based community engagement that’s social media integrated to target the under 35’s (whose voices are traditionally under-represented), and democratic (community members can comment upon and up vote other community member suggestions), and

(4) How to be a ‘data guerrilla’ within your organisation and be the change you want to see by starting a journey to data-driven, evidence-based decision-making by using with the data already donated by your community.