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The 10th Making Cities Liveable Conference will be held from 10-11th July at Brisbane’s Hotel Grand Chancellor.

Ms Emma Booth, Team Leader Design at the North Sydney Council will be attending this year’s event, presenting From aspiration to reality: North Sydney’s inner city liveable neighbourhood”.

As built form professionals, we are motivated by the allure of creating interesting, inviting and enduring public spaces and outcomes in our cities. We formulate ideas, concepts and designs that we feel necessary for the well-being of our cities and citizens. But all too often they are filed as too hard or are heavily compromised.

Emma Booth

The preparation of the Ward Street Masterplan has all the ingredients to make the aspiration of a Liveable Neighbourhood aspiration, into reality.

This precinct is among the densest in Sydney. Strong development interest continues to escalate given prime position on the doorstep of a new Metro station. What’s more, the precinct has a large and central public asset, beckoning redevelopment. In a unique twist, the Masterplan has political support for progressive ideas, backed by resourcing, to explore best practice and industry leading outcomes.

The Masterplan presents a bold vision to initiate culture change, transforming a near 600 space commuter parking station into an exciting pedestrian focused precinct. The plan proposes transformational change built on public transport and walkability as the basis for future planning and connectivity within the North Sydney CBD. It is supported by a generous new public domain and 18-hour a day activity in a CBD that craves both.

The plan will connect North Sydney’s disparate open space offerings and provide new commercial and employment floor space, a stone’s throw away from a new Metro stop that will improve the identity of North Sydney.

Ultimately, the project is a vision for a Liveable Neighbourhood, placing a much needed public space emphasis in lights, and then shaping commercial interests around this. The project gives a reason for residents, business and visitors to spend more time in North Sydney.

The project defies the perception of the unreachable, providing a yardstick for urban renewal.