Beazley Park and the Rolleston Coffee Cart

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Mrs Jaymie Webster, Principal Planner of Strategic Planning at Central Highlands Regional Council will be attending this year’s Conference, presenting “Beazley Park and the Rolleston Coffee Cart”.

The story so far: In 2012, Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) prepared the Central Highlands 2022 Community Plan. We have been continuing to work with and deliver on our community plan and as a result in 2014 and 2015 CHRC established community reference groups (CRGs) across our thirteen (13) identified communities.

Each CRG provides representation of a cross-sector of the community to ensure that a wide sample of the community population is represented. Council is represented on the CRG through a local councillor and member of the community development team.

Rolleston is a small town with a population of approximately 109 persons and has a broader rural population of 291. The Rolleston CRG was established in 2015. The next step in the process of the community plan is implementation. The Rolleston 2022 CRG have been working through the Rolleston action plan where it was identified early on that the local park, Beazley Park, was the central focal point of the town, which needed some beautification to revitalise this space for residents and tourists/visitors.

Since this time the Rolleston CRG have taken advantage of knowledge and skills available internally within council, through the planning and parks and garden teams, and worked collaboratively to create a concept plan for Beazley Park and numbered priorities to stage the delivery.

The community of Rolleston have started the ˜Rolleston Coffee Cart in the Park” (check out their Facebook page!). The cart itself has been decorated and donated by a member of the community and the cart is run by dedicated bunch of volunteers. All funds raised from the operation of the coffee cart are going towards the beautification of Beazley Park project. The coffee cart started operation in March 2016 and operated during the drive-tourism season, which concluded in September 2016, raising over $30,000.

CHRC, in this year’s budget, has allocated $20,000 to each CRG. This combined with the fundraised amount and successful grant applications will mean the beautification project will be able to be delivered earlier than if Council needed to plan and budget for the project to take place.

The Beazley Park beautification project is a great example of council asking, listening to and working with the community to deliver outcomes the community want. The Rolleston CRG, and the CRGs as a whole are helping to develop relationships and trust between CHRC and the community.

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