Canning City Centre, WA – Urban renewal in an ever sprawling city

The 2018 Liveable Cities Conference is being held next month over 16 – 17 July at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park.

Now in its 11th year, this Conference will continue to explore the liveability of our metropolitan and regional urban centres.

Mr Gary McCullough, Senior Project Leader, Canning City Centre, City Of Canning joins us at the conference to discuss ‘Canning City Centre, WA – Urban renewal in an ever sprawling city’.


Western Australia has a problem. Urban sprawl increasingly eats into our coastal and bushland around Perth every year. Perth’s metro area already covers 6,000 square kilometres and is spreading out, not ‘building up’. With a ‘footprint’ twice the size of Tokyo, three times that of Los Angeles and forecasts predicting the population will double by 2050 – intervention is needed. Far from building the Australian dream of the future, we have created houses crammed together in soulless and remote suburbs.

Canning City Centre has for years been identified as one of Perth’s key Strategic Metropolitan Centres. Despite this State policy designation, there is still no clear government mandate to drive the much needed city centric urban renewal of this inner urban Transit Oriented Development location.

This presentation focuses on the lessons learnt in developing a paradigm shift in the future context of an urban centre only 11kms from Perth City. It is within this context Canning is investing significant resources into leading planned change with a 10 year $70 million Regeneration Program. A proactive and development friendly planning framework has attracted approximately $300 million in private sector investment with a further $100 million of future development in the short term. Longer term outlook is for more than $600 million in economic activity to be attracted to the city centre over the next 10 years.

To drive this development activity, the City has shifted focus from being a passive player in the process to one of leadership, establishing partnerships with major stakeholders state agencies and private sector developers, whilst seeking to manage future infrastructure demands and using our land and public realm assets to stimulate investment.

The presentation will address the various actions undertaken through the process, some outside the comfort zone of local authorities, which created both challenges and opportunities to ensure our vision becomes a reality.


Gary is the Senior Project Leader for the Canning City Centre responsible for delivery of this $70M urban regeneration program for the City of Canning. A key focus is to lead the in-house and consultant team to ensure we promote best practice urban design and work with all levels of government and the private sector around investment attraction to deliver on the future vision for the City Centre. Gary is an experienced project leader with a history of delivering master planning projects in both the private and government sectors. Skilled in urban and strategic planning with a BA (Hons) in Town Planning specialising in Urban Planning.

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