Creating healthier, happier and more sustainable cities requires the right tools, knowledge and advice.

Attend this year’s Liveable Cities Conference in Adelaide this August and find out more about…

Future Changes

From improving sustainability practices through to changing the behaviours of community members, this year’s focus on future changes is all about the steps we can take to ensure our communities are sustainable, liveable and can adapt to future changes (such as population growth, innovations and developments).

Urban Design

Find out more about how urban design impacts on a city’s liveability, and how we can maximise public space in order to foster community ties and create safe places for all ages.

Community Building

What makes community spaces so appealing? Hear more about how we can implement steps to improve areas where we work and socialise. Expert industry speakers will guide you through the secrets to creating ‘super experiences’ in the workplace, as well as how can we design high density neighbourhoods with children in mind.

Inclusive Communities

Communities are a melting pot of cultures. In order to create inclusive communities, we need the insight on segments within our citizen demographic: this includes the rise in single-person households, new temporary social spaces and accessible urban design.

Greening Cities

Adding green spaces into our city areas have proven to hold a wealth of benefits. So, how can we most effectively plan, develop and create these spaces? Find out more about the importance of greening cities and how we can harness the potential of urban eco-sustainability.

Aging Population

In order for cities to be considered as liveable, they must accommodate to citizens spanning all ages. Age-friendly design is an import facet of community development. Discover how to enhance existing services, programs, facilities and assets to become more age friendly, and how communities can utilise technology to foster wellbeing in older adults.

Community Engagement

Nothing beats community spirit – but how do you get citizens to engage? Find out more about creating affordable, sustainable and inclusive communities, including how to cut the red tape and make it easier to host street parties.


Taking the lead on initiatives to increase liveability in your area? Hear from industry professionals, who will discuss a miscellany of leadership advice within infrastructure, planning and development.

Sustainable Development Goals

Discover how your city can develop and implement goals to increase sustainability, improve the quality of city living and contribute to greater community unification. This includes presentations on digital engineering, citizen-centric city development and the quality of outdoor environments.


Part of creating healthier, happier and more sustainable cities is by harnessing our natural resources. Find out more about how Adelaide is integrating an alternative water supply, discover the beauty of floating infrastructure and how to protect local waterways.

Happiness, Health and Wellbeing

Living in the city comes with a wealth of pros and cons – so, how does it impact on happiness, health and wellbeing? This stream focuses on the challenges of urban isolation in Australian cities, how nature can benefit city dwellers and how public spaces in urban areas can significantly impact on a person’s quality of life.

Place Making

Hear about real-world examples in placemaking for economic success, learn more about the health benefits of open space and what you need to consider when modelling future cities.


In city areas, transportation needs to be effective, efficient and reliable. This stream focuses on improving public transportation methods, creating sustainable transportation and the challenges around future transit-oriented development.

Strategies, Planning and Design for People

Gain an understanding of what park features would encourage adolescents to visit parks, be active and engage with others, explore how we can work together to protect our vulnerable communities from the worst impacts of climate change and explore the potential of community organising in Australia.


During this stream, you will find out more about how feral cats are impacting on biodiversity and how to control this issue. Additionally, you will learn more about blue-green infrastructure scenario testing and the importance of narrative lighting.