The 2018 Liveable Cities Conference is being held this month over 16 – 17 July at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park.

Now in its 11th year, this Conference will continue to explore the liveability of our metropolitan and regional urban centres.

Professor Paul Burton, Director, Cities Research Institute at Griffith University joins us at the conference to discuss ‘More planning needed, not less!’.

Professor Paul Burton


As Australia’s population continues to grow, we need to be even more thoughtful about where and how we might live, where new jobs are likely to be created and how we can get to them from our homes, and how we can create built environments that nurture and inspire us, rather than ending up with places we find oppressive and depressing. In this presentation, Paul sets out an ambitious but achievable program for planning that is less concerned with regulating the minutiae of urban development and more focused on creating towns and cities that are economically and socially vibrant without consuming their own future.


Paul Burton is Professor of Urban Management and Planning and Director of the Cities Research Institute at Griffith University. His research interests are broad-ranging and include urban responses to climate change, metropolitan scale planning and governance and the theory and practice of public participation and community engagement. In 2012 he led a research project on the role of urban agriculture in promoting greater food security in cities, especially in the light of climate variability. Paul is a member of Regional Development Australia, Gold Coast and sits on the national Education Committee of the Planning Institute of Australia.

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