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2015 Books of Proceedings

Book of Proceedings – Peer Reviewed   Book of Proceedings – Non Peer Reviewed
Making future Australian cities liveable for all (not just some): Urban environments that promote health equity and healthy ageing
Prof Gavin Turrell, Principal Research Fellow, School of Public Health and Social Work, Queensland University of Technology
Being a liveable city: More than a set of indicators
Prof Paul James, Director, Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney
From car-centred cities to cycling-friendly places for people
Dr Alex Macmillan, Public Health Physician and Senior Lecturer, Environmental Health, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Otago, New Zealand
Space of cooperation: The future of public urban spaces
Mr Jonathan Daly, Founding Partner and Director, Human Understanding of Social Spaces (HUSS)
Orphans of public policy? What next for Australian cities?
Dr Tim Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Committee of Sydney
City Adaptation: Future challenges of climate change and urban heating
Ms Yvonne Lynch. Team Leader, Urban Forest & Ecology, City of Melbourne
Places for people, by people: How to do it
Ms Lucinda Hartley, Co-Founder and CEO, CoDesign Studio
Let’s talk people: Navigating the intersection of human behaviour, mobile technology, and healthy communities
Mr Kevin Luten, Founder and CEO, Behaviour Design Works
Panel Discussion – Moving to action: Achieving liveability in our cities
Moderator: Paula Drayton, Conference Chair