Mr Tim Baynes

Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Land And Water

Tim leads research at CSIRO on scenarios of population growth, resource use, and environmental impacts from regional to international scales. He takes an integrative approach to analysis at the city level: urban metabolism, urban resilience, industrial ecology, climate adaptation, low-carbon cities, and assessing urban strategy. Most recently, he co-authored the UN International Resource Panel's report on The Weight of Cities: Resource Requirements of Future Urbanization. He leads the Cities and Infrastructure work of CSIRO’s Australian National Outlook projects and previous work on climate impacts and adaptation was widely cited in the Human Settlements, and Australasian chapters of the IPCC 5th Assessment. He was a contributing author to the Urban Chapter of the Global Energy Assessment and has advised UN Environment on resource efficiency in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tuesday 16th June Webinar 2

The Australian National Outlook 2019 And The Urban Shift